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MUSLI POWER X-TRA is a unique formulation derived from nature’s herbal gifts,with the help of old age marvel,the science of health-Ayurveda.This herbal combination is made out of very rare herbs and medicinal plants which have energy booster ,strengthening and rejuvenating properties.These herbs and medicinal plants are mentioned in world’s most ancient existing medicinal system-Ayurveda.Natures gifts ,researches of scientists and the ultimate science of health,the Ayurveda are together worked to formulate this wonderful medicine MUSLI POWER X-TRA.

Safed Musli : 150mg Kapikacchu : 100mg Ashwagandha : 75mg Muringa : 30mg Nellikka : 25mg Nerinjil : 50mg Jathikka : 10mg Vayalchully : 10mg Kanmadam : 50mg

Safed Musli(Chlorophytum Tuberosum): The perfect sex stimulator and energy booster as well as a rejuvenator.
(Ref Text: Sahasrayogam, Shrangadhara Samhita , Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

Kapikachu(Mucuna Pruriens): Improves semen volume and is a great energy booster.
(Ref Text: Shrangadhara Samhita, Sahasrayogam

Aswagandha(Withania Somnifera):Increases sexual power, sperm count and is a good sex stimulant.
(Ref Text: Bhavanihandu, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

Muringa(Moringa Oleifera): For a healthy heart, improvement of blood circulation & prevention of premature ejaculation.
(Ref. Text: Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

Dhathri(Emblica Officinalis):Richness of Vitamin C is present. It is powerful anti-oxidant and act as a rejuvenator. Slows down the ageing process.
(Ref Text: Ashtangahridayam, Charakasamhitha, Sahasrayogam, Chikilsamanjari)

Tribulus(Tribulus terestris): Increases sperm count and acts on urinary tract infections and renal stone diseases. It helps in bleeding disorders and is a powerful anti-asthmatic also.
(Ref Text: Ashtangahridayam, Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Ratnavali)

Vayalchully(Hygrophila Auriculata): Increases semen volume & sperm count. Very good for liver disorders.
(Ref Text: Ashtangahridayam, Sahasrayogam)

Jathi Pathri(Myristica Fragrans): Prevents early ejaculation and is a good intoxicator. It acts as a powerful sexual stimulant also.
(Ref Text: Sahasrayogam, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

Shilajith(Rock Asphaltum): Acts as all round sex enhancer. It increases immunity of the human body and helps in prevention of diseases.
(Ref Text: Sahasrayogam, Bhavanihandu, Bhyshajya Rathnavali)

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